What Can I Recycle?

NAWMA offers residents a variety of recycling services as outlined below.

Kerbside collection of household recycling (yellow-lid bins)

Please place the following items in your yellow-lid bin for recycling:
• Glass bottles and jars
• Plastic containers (lids off, these can be collected in a clear PET container)
• Steel and aluminium cans, including empty aerosol cans
• Clean aluminium foil and trays (rolled into fist-sized balls)
• Milk and juice cartons
• Paper and cardboard

Note: It is important that recyclable items are not inside plastic bags when in the yellow-lid bin because they cannot be processed at the NAWMA Material Recovery Facility (MRF) like this. If recyclable items are presented in a plastic bag, the bag and all of its contents will be sent to landfill.

Resource Recovery Centres

A range of items including electronic waste, gas cylinders and x-rays can be recycled at NAWMA’s two Resource Recovery Centres. A full list of items that can be recycled or disposed of can be viewed here. Note: fees may apply for some items.

Mobo Group Salvage and Save store

Salvage and Save is an initiative of Mobo Group located at the Edinburgh North Resource Recovery Centre site. The low-cost retail shop accepts good quality donations which are sold back to the community, reducing the volume of material sent to landfill. They can even offer a free pick-up service for quality items that meet their criteria.

Scout Recycling Centre

Scout Recycling is also located at the Edinburgh North Resource Recovery Centre site. You can get 10 cent cash refund for CDL cans and bottles. Scouts will also pay for items like scrap metal and car batteries. See their website for more details.

Food and green organics composting

Residents can purchase a 240 litre green organics bin to use to divert food waste and garden clippings. Find details here.

Larger quantities of green waste are accepted at NAWMA’s Resource Recovery Centres for processing into compost (fees apply).

Hard waste (for residents of Salisbury and Playford councils only)

Residents of the Salisbury and Playford councils can access two free hard waste services per year using either a hard waste collection or a hard waste drop-off voucher. For a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items, see the Terms & Conditions page.

Other recycling opportunities

Some items that cannot be recycled at NAWMA’s facilities can be recycled via other programs such as Red Cycle (soft plastic bags and packaging).

Another opportunity is to act as a collection point for more unusual items. Community groups, businesses or schools can be collection points to recycle items such as empty toothpaste tubes, pens, coffee capsules etc. Contact Terra Cycle for details on how you can get involved.