Hard Waste Collection List

The following list details what items are suitable and not suitable for a hard waste collection.

NAWMA - Hard Waste Collection List
Items suitable for hard waste collection include:
  • Furniture including carpets (must be rolled up) and mattresses.
  • Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dishwashers & small kitchen appliances.
  • Domestic household Items: e.g. toys, bikes, empty clean paint tins (with lids removed), car rims (not tyres) and other scrap metal.
  • Electronic items (anything with a cord).
  • Timber no longer than 2m, free of nails and bundled.
  • Cardboard flattened & tied in bundles of 10 or less.
Items NOT suitable for hard waste collection include:
  • General household waste or clothing.
  • Green waste.
  • Hazardous waste (e.g. asbestos, chemicals, batteries).
  • Car bodies/car parts.
  • Broken glass, mirrors, windows or panels of sheet glass.
  • Ammunition, explosives or gas bottles.
  • Paint tins containing wet paint.
  • Construction/building materials, rocks or dirt.
  • Car tyres and gas cylinders.
  • Polystyrene.

Note: concrete, clay bricks and other masonry are only permitted in hard waste if you are using a hard waste drop-off voucher and taking material to a Resource Recovery Centre.

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