Waste Hierarchy

NAWMA strongly advocates for waste management and resource recovery processes that align with the hierarchy shown below.

NAWMA Waste Hierarchy

Take home tips:

AVOID waste at home by taking your woven fabric shopping bags to the shops, saying no to paper receipts and putting a ‘no junk mail’ sign on your letterbox.

Planning meals, following a shopping list, considering whether a new purchase is really necessary and joining a ‘Library of Things’ are all ways you can REDUCE waste at home.

There are many items you can REUSE at home. Reuse old towels and sheets as rags and dusters and to line the bottom of your plant pots, reuse jars to store pantry items and leftovers. By buying second hand, you can extend the life of items that may have otherwise been thrown away. Did you know that in the NAWMA area, there are over 40 op shops and second-hand shops! View the list here.

REPAIR household items at your local Repair Café (Gawler Environment Centre Repair Cafe and Tea Tree Gully Repair Cafe), mend your clothes at home and learn about the Right to Repair movement