Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority saves natural resources.

Resource recovery is at the heart of NAWMA’s operations. Every year, thousands of tonnes of ‘waste’ items are collected and sorted so that their components can be recycled, which helps save natural resources. For example: until recently, small pieces of glass jars that were broken in collection trucks were not able to be recovered.

In 2020, NAWMA built a Glass Fines Recovery Plant. Now around 13,000 tonnes of these small pieces of broken glass can be captured each year and used instead of sand for making roads and footpaths.

Glass fines
Glass recovered through the kerbside collection process.

Polystyrene packaging foam is a common contaminant in the environment and certainly can’t be recycled via the kerbside recycling bin. Luckily NAWMA has one of Adelaide’s only polystyrene recycling machines at its Edinburgh North Resource Recovery Centre. People are welcome to drop off household quantities of clean, white, rigid foam for recycling 7 days/week (for free) so that the polystyrene can be reused to make things like coat hangers and picture frames.

Please help NAWMA by recycling correctly. Remember no textiles, crockery, plastic bags or food scraps in the household recycling bin.

City of Salisbury and Town of Gawler residents can download the free My Local Services app to receive bin collection reminders on their phone the evening before collection day.

To provide feedback about the kerbside bin collection service, complete NAWMA’s survey and go into the draw to win a green organics bin.

Would you like to take a free tour of NAWMA’s award-winning Material Recovery Facility? Call our Customer Service Team on 8259 2100.

Category: Circular Economy
Post By: NAWMA
Posted: 2nd June 2021