Hard-waste service for residents of the Cities of Playford and Salisbury

City of Playford and City of Salisbury residents can book a hard waste service to recycle household items that cannot be placed in their yellow-lid kerbside bin.  Two free hard waste services are available each financial year and residents can choose to have items collected directly from the verge in front of a residential property, or use a 6 x 4 caged trailer to drop the items off at one of Nawma’s Resource Recovery Centres.

Acceptable hard waste items include furniture, mattresses, bikes, electronic items and scrap metal. Resources are recovered from collected materials, where possible.  For example, mattresses are sent for dismantling and their steel is sent to Australian scrap metal recyclers to be reused in roof sheeting.  Mattress foam is made into carpet underlay and timber is recycled to make weed matting or mulch for gardens, the waste textile component is recycled to make acoustic panelling, ensuring valuable resources are not lost to landfill.

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Category: Services
Post By: NAWMA
Posted: 29th May 2023