NAWMA Material Recovery Facility Employment Opportunity

Have you got what it takes to be a MRF sorter?

NAWMA employs more than 40 energetic and hardworking individuals to sort recyclable materials collected in yellow-lid kerbside recycling bins. The work is carried out in air-conditioned sort rooms at NAWMA’s state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Edinburgh. Sorting the items properly into different streams is a key factor in NAWMA being able to recover material for recycling into new products, rather than sending it to landfill as waste.

MRF Manager Danial Dunn says sorters must be alert, use both hands and have a good eye for detail. “When you have a conveyor belt continuously moving a load of mixed recyclable material in front of you, it takes skill to be able to focus and retrieve the correct target material.”

NAWMA CEO Adam Faulkner agrees and says “Our MRF sorters are critical for our recycling operation. In other MRFs around the world, people have been replaced with machines but we believe there is still a place for people on the sorting line. In fact, one of our sorters, Roger, has been clocked at picking material faster than some of the available autonomous robotic technology.”

Good sorting and resource recovery is all part of the new circular economy approach that NAWMA adheres to where products are broken down and used again, rather than relying on finite virgin natural resources. It makes economic sense and is good for the planet.

To deal with the large volumes of recycling received from the local and wider communities, NAWMA is currently looking to employ more sorters at its Edinburgh MRF.

If you feel this is a job for you, please call Randstad today on 8256 4200 for further information, and possible immediate start.

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Post By: NAWMA
Posted: 30th January 2019