Hard Waste Service

Residents of the Cities of Salisbury and Playford can use a hard waste service to recycle large items that cannot be placed in the yellow-lid kerbside bin. NAWMA provides each household with two, free hard-waste services each financial year (July – June). You can choose to have your items collected from the front of your property or you can use a hard waste drop-off voucher and take your items to one of two local Resource Recovery Centres (Public Waste Transfer Stations).

Hard Waste Collection

No more than 2m long,
1m high and 1m wide.

For a hard waste collection only:

  • All items should be placed for collection before 7am on the pickup day.
  • Collection is between 7am and sunset.
  • Items must be neatly stacked inside of your property boundary, not on the verge.
  • Small items can be placed together in cardboard boxes.

For more information please download our information brochure.